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About Me

As I'm considerably older than many players on Xbox, I tend to keep friends of similar age and deferences and generally will only join parties with people of my own age range.

I don't do "clans" in games. That's not for me. I've yet to see a single clan that builds even remotely close to my skill level. Sorry.. but that's just the way it is.. I've found individual builders that are good but they generally don't do clans either.. I'm not interested in large loud groups while I'm building anyway. I like to be able to hear myself think.

I don't do much on other player's maps either. If I really really like your map and don't have anything going on.. I might build something on it.. but not just because you ask..

I mine and I build on my maps primarily. That's pretty much it most of the time and I prefer my solitude when doing it. Don't ask to build on my maps, I'll offer you the ability if you're up to it and I think you'll stick with it to completion. I don't like players that flit from one map to another and don't put any time into builds.. If you're one of those, I'm not interested.

I don't share maps I've put many hours of hard work into, so don't ask for them. If I'm going to share something, I'll announce it here on the forum.

I do not spawn trap or assassinate players or nuisance visitors, so please display me the same courtesy.

I play to relax after a hard day of work and want to enjoy the game without malice, so I don't put up with absurdity in my games from anyone... young or old.

I don't like cheaters. Don't come to me with your dupe glitches or cheats.. I will just kick you and put you on the ban list.

I should also add, that I take note of who you have on your friend's list... If I see you have a number of known dirtbags on your XB friends list, I'll not be adding you to mine and probably adding you to the non-prefered players list to avoid you and your "buddies". Yes, it matters what company you keep... even on Xbox.

If I sound cantankerous, I'm really not. I'll answer questions as long as they're presented in a respectful manner.

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